* Residential and Commercial
* Maid Services Daily /Weekly/ Bi-Weekly/ Monthly /One Time
* Move In/ Move Out
* Houses Apartment Offices
* Realtor/ Vacant Properties
* Heavy (One time Cleans)
* After Party Cleaning
* Commercial/ Office Cleaning


Bedrooms, Office and More:Bedroom cleaning services by DannysMaids | 323-472-3138

Dust windowsills and ledges
Dust frames and knickknacks
Remove cobwebs
Dust Lamps
Dust furniture, woodwork and shelves
Vacuum carpets and wash floors
Wash and dry wood floors
Vacuum furniture, including under seat cushions
Empty and clean ashtray ad wastebaskets

Kitchen cleaning services by DannysMaids | 323-472-3138Kitchens:Clean
Table and chairs
Clean, scrub and sanitize sinks
Clean range tops
Clean inside and outside of microwave oven
Wash floor

Bathrooms:Bathroom cleaning services by DannysMaids | 323-472-3138Wash floors
Clean mirrors
Clean and sanitize toilets
Polish chrome
Clean, scrub and sanitize
Sinks and


Office cleaning services by DannysMaids | 323-472-3138Office Cleaning:Vacuum all carpet area
Sweep/Mop floors
Dust/clean/polish desks and work surfaces
Empty/replace garbage bags
Clean/sanitize bathrooms and kitchens



Post and past constructions Move-in & move-outs:Move-in cleaning services by DannysMaids | 323-472-3138
These include the cleaning services for:
Living rooms
Kitchen, bathroom and more


Window washing
Skylights and mirrors
Wall washing

Some projects like inside windows, inside refrigerator and inside oven do require some additional time and cost.
Please call our office if you would like any of these extra projects added to a service.
PLEASE NOTE HOMES IN POOR CONDITION WILL TAKE LONGER. We will bill you for the actual time.

Windows Washing:
Our housekeepers can perform inside and outside window washing upon request.

Carpet, Tile and Grout:Thinking of replacing your flooring?
Instead give us a call to renew it, we have the necessary equipment to clean carpet, tile and grout, saving you a lot of money. Give us a try, you won’t regret it1



RV Cleaning Services does not give monetary refunds, we would prefer to fix the issue in question. Complaints filed after 24 hours of the completion of the project fall outside the warranty period and unfortunately cannot be covered.


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